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With decades and billions of dollars of retail buying experience, we have seen it all -- the hottest toys and gadgets, the million-dollar markdowns, and the evergreens. We know what sells, what doesn’t sell, and why.

We also know that the most successful manufacturers have full-time Inventor Relations teams dedicated to filling their product lines with outside innovation. Licensing from inventors is often the "secret sauce" in the recipes for many of their best-selling products.

Now any manufacturer can enjoy the same advantage, with an efficient, affordable Inventor Relations & Open Innovation Solution that has the added edge of retail experience. We help crack the code for fueling growth with outside innovation and take the guesswork out of getting more products listed with retailers.

What is Inventor Relations?

Well, it's not sifting through piles of unsolicited product submissions, trying to find the "next big thing."

It's defining a growth strategy first and then thoughtfully engaging the incredible talent in the inventing community to actively generate new product introductions.​

Our solution offers a strategic and affordable process for attracting innovation that fits your growth strategy, powered by the eye of a highly experienced professional retail buyer.


Our Solution


Define the White Space

Define the White Space.jpg

Use our retail expertise to analyze sales and market data, consumer insights, and your unique manufacturing strengths. 


Together we’ll identify the ownable gaps in the market and create your innovation wish list.

This is critical for strategic growth, but also for engaging the inventor community effectively.

Engage the Innovators

needle in haystack.JPG

We will engage our network of award-winning inventors, designers, and engineers to generate innovation for your consideration, guiding the submission of viable product executions, not just concepts.

This is the long and arduous part of the process that pulls the needles out of the haystack. We help refine submissions so that they're ready for you to consider, allowing you to focus on your business. 

Select the Best Fit


We will help you select the best submissions to add to your product lines and facilitate the negotiation of licensing agreements.


We'll also lend a retailer's point of view through the product development process.