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Retail & Distribution Readiness | Licensing

Have you created a new product to solve a common problem? Loved a toy or game and thought of a new twist or play pattern that would make it even more fun? Invented an altogether new gadget, game, or toy and think it should be on retail shelves?

How do you get it there? Two ways are self-manufacturing for retail or licensing. Neither way is easy, but with informed decision-making and guidance, it can be done. 

Our Road to Retail Readiness or Licensing is an affordable way to get started, and our team pulls no punches in delivering it.

If we think your idea stinks, we’ll tell you! (As former retail buyers, we’re used to doing that, although we try to be kind about it.)

If we believe your idea has potential, we’ll equip you with tools and coaching customized to your specific needs, giving you a solid foundation and structure for achieving your goals. 

We will prepare you to build a business from your innovation with professional resources and expert advice for handling everything from rejection to negotiating a successful product launch or licensing deal.

Contact us for a fit interview and to see if you're ready to get on the road.